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Dust it with powdered sugar, and score it across the top with a red-hot poker. Dip four lumps of sugar into Jamaica rum and put them on the platter. Put over the omelet four tablespoonfuls of rum; touch a lighted match to the rum, and carry the omelet to the table, burning. Baste it with the burning rum until the alcohol is entirely burned off. SWISS SOUFFLE Allow one egg to each person. Have everything in readiness. The maraschino cherries must be drained free from the liquor. Separate the eggs.

Turn it onto a heated platter, put the tomato mixture at the ends, and send at once to the table. OMELET WITH TOMATO SAUCE Make a plain omelet with six eggs. Pour over a half pint of tomato sauce, and send to the table. OMELET WITH OYSTERS Drain, wash, and drain again twenty-five oysters. Throw them into a hot saucepan and shake until the gills curl. Rub together two level tablespoonfuls of flour and two of butter. Drain the oysters, put the liquor into a half-pint cup, add sufficient milk to fill the cup.

SCRAMBLED EGGS WITH CHIPPED BEEF Pull apart a quarter of a pound of chipped beef, cover with boiling water, let it stand ten minutes, drain and dry. Put it into a saucepan with two level tablespoonfuls of butter, four eggs, beaten until they are well mixed, and a dash of pepper. " EGGS SCRAMBLED WITH LETTUCE Remove the outside leaves from one head of lettuce; wash, dry, and with a very sharp knife cut them into shreds. Chop sufficient onion to make a tablespoonful. Put a tablespoonful of butter into a saucepan, add the onion, shake until the onion is soft, then add six eggs, beaten without separating until well mixed, but not light.

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