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The Christian church maintains to hunt moral and non secular types from the interval of Israel's monarchy and has refrained from the gravity of the Babylonian exile. by contrast culture, the writer argues that the interval of concentration for the canonical development of biblical idea is strictly the exile. right here the voices of dissent arose and articulated phrases of fact within the context of failed energy.

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There is, in short, a politics of disaster that brings it closer to the study of the sociology of human crises of violence, war, and forced population movements. Such a wider lens is required for a deeper appreciation of the events of the Babylonian exile of the Jews. Thus, the result of an overview of events related to the Babylonian exile of the Jews, beginning even before 597 BCE, will, I hope, shed further light on some of the implications of NeoBabylonian and Persian hegemony in the Mediterranean rim.

The suggestions that either the Davidic/Solomonic states did not exist at all or they existed only in a drastically more modest form than the Deuteronomistic History presently suggests are often read as if that idea presents serious challenges to biblical theology. But for whom? Certainly not for an exilic biblical theology. That a diasporic Judean community, or a quasi-political minority under Persian hegemony, may have carefully constructed a militarist and nationalist story only to savagely criticize it as idolatrous and ultimately as disastrous (as the Deuteronomistic Historian clearly does) is an idea that would not spell the end of biblical historiography and most certainly not the end of biblical theology.

Scholars, 1974); and Hermann Spieckermann, Juda unter Assur in der Sargonidenzeit, FRLANT 129 (Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1982). 22. The classic text is Peter Frei and Klaus Koch, Reichsidee und Reichsorganisation im Perserreich, OBO 55 (Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1984; 2d ed. 1996). Compare a Persian Authorization of the Pentateuch? In one variation, this view suggests that postexilic "Judaism" created, virtually ex nihilo, the entire biblical preexilic tradition, from the patriarchs, through the exodus, and even through the monarchical period.

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