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Charles Rycroft's "Critical Dictionary of Psychoanalysis" is a longtime reference paintings delivering transparent definitions and important discussions of the technical phrases utilized in psychoanalysis. 'An exact and witty consultant to the which means of psychoanalytic phrases ...[it] additionally explains many of the controversies that have disfigured the psychoanalytic stream and that are one of these puzzle to these outdoor it. For someone inquisitive about psychoanalysis and its offshoots this is often an vital ebook' - Anthony Storr.

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The concept of defence is usuaUy stated in terms which imply that the human ego is beset by threats to its survival emanating from the id, the super-ego, and the outside world, and that it is, therefore, perpetually on the defensive. But the concept is better regarded less negatively and taken to indude aIl techniques used by the ego to master, control, canalize, and use forces 'which may lead to a neurosis'. The concept also implies that neurosis is due to a failure of defence; according to this view the inhibitions resulting from successful repression are not neurotic symptoms.

The simplest version of this procedure is to demonstrate that the content of novels and paintings can b~ interpreted as an oedipal phantasy and then deduce from this that creative activity is a form of neurotic daydreaming (Freud, 1908). The difficulty with this hypothesis is that it fails to explain why aIl daydreams are not creative and it therefore in volves secondary hypotheses as to how the formaI and technical aspects of creative work enable private neurotic 'creations' to be converted into publicly acceptable and comprehensible works of art.

Catharsis (lit. purging) The reference is usually not to the purging by pit y and terror effected by tragedy but to the therapeutic effect of abreaction. Cathexis Neologism invented by Freud's English translators to translate the German Besetzung (lit. 'investment') which Freud used to describe the quantity of energy attaching to any objectrepresentation or mental structure. A cathexis is conceived to be analogous to an electric charge which can shift from one structure except in so far as it becomes bound -- or to troops which can be deployed from one position to another.

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