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OfJubilees does not connect the curse of Noah with the Negro race. > 5 x ) A n antecedent is supplied to the pronoun of the M T . of Gen. 9 : 2 7 . See also T. Onkelos; T. -Jonathan', and Justin Martyr, Dial. 1 3 9 , w h o take the ante­ cedent to be Japheth. It is not in keeping with Jubilees' teaching of the separation of the J e w and Gentile (Jub. 1 5 : 3 4 ; 2 2 : 1 6 , 20 ; 3 0 : 1 1 ) to have Japheth in the tents of Shem. ) Cf. Gen. R. 3 1 . 6 where it is idolatry, impurity, and bloodshed.

13). 1 2 3 4 5 6 II, 4 3 ) ; and to a large group of church fathers: Origen, Selecta in Gen. 53 (PG. 12. 105); Julius Africanus, Chron. 4 (PG. 1 0 . 68); Hippolytus, Arabic Frag, to Pent. II, Gen. 7:6 (GCS. 1. 2. 88); John of Damascus, De fide orth. 4. 2 4 (PG. 94. 1207 C); Hilary, Tract, myst. i. 13 (SC. 1 9 . 1 0 1 ) ; see also the Arabic ms. cited by J . G. Frazer, op. cit. 1 , 1 4 6 and L. Ginsberg, Die Haggada bei den Kirchenvatern, pp. 81-82. *) Sulpicius Severus, Chron. i. 4 (CSEL. 1. 5), has Noah to offer birds.

H. Charles: They would not bow down to me, but have begun to bow down to vain gods, and denied my unity, and have laden the whole earth with untruths, offences, abominable lecheries, namely one with another, and all manner of other unclean wickednesses, which are disgusting to relate (II Enoch 34:2, text A). The picture of Noah as the exemplary righteous man of the past which earlier appeared in Ez. 1 4 : 1 4 , 20 is carried further in the Apocrypha Sirach proposes to "praise famous m e n . . whose deeds of righteousness have not been forgotten .

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