Download e-book for iPad: A thousand years of official Bohemian coinage 929-1929 by DR. Viktor Katz

By DR. Viktor Katz

Небольшое эссе на английском, в котором делается краткий обзор тысячелетней истории чеканки монеты в Богемии и Моравии (Чехия).

Очень толково написано, в конце - три фототаблицы с монетами и значки минцмейстеров и монетных дворов.

СТолько скачал отсюда литературы по нумизматике, что совестно было. Теперь вот наконец свое выставляю.

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EQUILIBRIUM AND RESISTANCE TO CHANGE Although an open system is, by definition, more readily open to change there is another key concept from systems theory which contributes to understanding the forces which work against change. This concept was discussed in Chapter 1 under the heading of homoeostasis. This notion of homoeostasis, although controversial, has been used by family therapists to help explain how some families will ‘sacrifice’ one of their members in order to sustain homoeostasis. It can also be helpful in understanding institutions, and therefore schools.

At the next session the parents reported marked improvement in the children’s behaviour. The family was put in a ‘therapeutic double bind’. If they did as the therapist said they would prove him right: they were ‘not ready’ (or able) to control their children. Strategic manoeuvres of this kind have been used successfully with families although criticism has always been levelled against more adventurous clinicians, defining these techniques as manipu-lative, uncaring, playing games, etc. These techniques, like all other interventive techniques, require skill and sensitivity.

The psychologist chose to hold a meeting with the teachers and, because of views expressed at that meeting, suggested a new referral system to the head teacher. 27 EMILIA DOWLING Clearly the head felt her authority and position in the hierarchy was under threat. A rule she had made had been challenged but, even worse, it might be changed without her being a party to it. The only way to recover her position of being in charge of the rules was to block the new system that was being proposed. She reported back to the psychologist that her staff could not agree on what would be the best referral system.

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A thousand years of official Bohemian coinage 929-1929 (reprint 1929) by DR. Viktor Katz

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