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By Joan Lingard

ISBN-10: 0141926708

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Not since he left the yard. ’ Brede shook her head and shrugged. She was not really worried about him. He liked to wander far afield, hated to be confined within a few streets. ‘I thought he might have been round to see me the night,’ said Kate. ’ Kate tried to cling on to Kevin but most of the time she irritated him, and this Brede knew. The voices from the street grew louder. Brede turned to look out of the window again. The children were running about excitedly. She leaned out further and saw that two soldiers were coming down the road.

There might be more trouble if they were,’ said Brede. ‘You know nothing about it. You women are all the same. ’ Mrs McCoy and Brede stacked the last of the dishes. The pile of plates was high as there were eight children in the family and next month there would be a ninth. ’ said Brede. ’ ‘I’m all right. I’m just wondering where Kevin is. ’ Mrs McCoy worried when he came in late, fearing the worst. She worried when the younger children came in late too, for they roamed the district late at night in company with others taunting the soldiers who patrolled the streets.

Brede went up to the room that she shared with her three sisters. They were in bed; one was asleep, the other two were playing cards. Brede took a book and sat by the window but she did not read. Every time she heard a step in the street she looked down to see if it was Kevin. 4 Sadie and Kevin sat on the top of Cave Hill with the city spread out below them. They looked down at the great sprawl of factories, offices and houses that were gradually eating further and further into the green countryside beyond.

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