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Astronomy describes the mechanics of the universe within the extra uncomplicated language of physics, differently often called "astrophysics". wisdom of black holes, quasars and extrasolar planets calls for knowing of the physics underlying astrophysics. This booklet clarifies the elemental ideas of the sector in addition to the real astronomical phenomena it describes. Readers will achieve a better appreciation of the relationship among physics and astronomy.

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We begin with the general expression for an orbit (equations (18) and (20)) r= a(1 − e2 ) 1 + e cos v (34) and Kepler’s Second Law r2 dv = h = [n 2 a 4 (1 − e2 )]1/2 . 3 Binary stars 17 Differentiating both sides of (32) with respect to time yields dr dv dz = sin(v + ω) sin i + r cos(v + ω) sin i . dt dt dt (36) Doing the same thing with (34) dr nae sin v . = dt (1 − e2 )1/2 (37) 1 dv h na dv (1 + e cos v). = r2 = = dt r dt r (1 − e2 )1/2 (38) From (35) r Substituting (37) and (38) into (36) yields dz na sin i = [cos (v + ω) + e cos ω] dt (1 − e2 )1/2 (39) which gives us what we have been looking for, the radial velocity as a function of the true orbital parameters.

R2 = = dt r dt r (1 − e2 )1/2 (38) From (35) r Substituting (37) and (38) into (36) yields dz na sin i = [cos (v + ω) + e cos ω] dt (1 − e2 )1/2 (39) which gives us what we have been looking for, the radial velocity as a function of the true orbital parameters. With many repeated measurements of dz/dt it is possible to determine the orbital parameters via (39). In practice, we vary the parameters in (39) in order to fit the observed radial velocity curve, such as the one shown. One important aspect of this procedure is that it does not yield a unique value for i, the orbital inclination, because only the radial component of the velocity is measured without accompanying geometrical information.

Stefanik, R. , Latham, D. W. (1997) The Hyades Binary Finsen 342 (70 Tauri): A Double-lined Spectroscopic Orbit, the Distance to the Cluster, and the Mass–Luminosity Relation, Astrophysical Journal, 479, pp. 268–78. , Stefanik, R. , Latham, D. W. (1997) The Hyades Binaries theta 1 Tauri and theta 2 Tauri: The Distance to the Cluster and the Mass–Luminosity Relation, Astrophysical Journal, 485, pp. 167–181. 6 Further reading Goldstein, H. (1950) Classical Mechanics, Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, USA.

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