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By T.K. Ghose ,A. Fiechter, N.Blakebrough

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1972, 1973b) it is doubtless of advantage to understand the biochemical basis of the block. Nevertheless, the possibilities of further genetic analysis are rather limited even here since the multiple mutation process aids the formation of unstable, genetically-defective variants. g. , 1970). It is thus possible that during crossing of S. rimosus even episomal factors could be transferred, such as control the biosynthesis of OTC. This is suggested by the results of Boronin and Mindlin (1971) who reported that mutations in the otc 6 locus give rise, besides the loss in productive activity, even to the loss of resistance to the own antibiotic itself.

Mutants used in the two laboratories for genetic analysis were derived from different strains and in many cases displayed different growth requirements. From an incomplete characterization of the auxotrophic 38 Z. LEKet al. markers (defined usually only on the basis of the required final metabolites) it cannot be concluded with certainty whether in mutants with the same growth requirement an identical locus has been mapped, viz. the one controlling the same enzyme step of biosynthesis of the given primary metabolite.

Rimosus The preparation, properties and the results of genetic studies of blocked mutants of S. rimosus were described by Alikhanian and co-workers in 1956~1970. The mutants were obtained from the production strain LS-T 118 with the aid of various mutagens, the most efficient being UV light. Good results were also achieved by using fast neutrons, diethyl sulphate and combined action of ethyleneimine and UV light. The mutants differed from the parent strain by a substantially reduced production of OTC, by morphological properties, changes in pigmentation of submerged cultures and by the formation of new compounds with characteristic fluorescence in UV light (Table 6).

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