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By John Zerzan & Kevin Tucker

ISBN-10: 0922915989

ISBN-13: 9780922915989

ISBN-10: 1021051071

ISBN-13: 9781021051073

ISBN-10: 1932595708

ISBN-13: 9781932595703

“Read it and you may by no means reflect on civilization within the similar method again.”—Kirkpatrick Sale

This anthology approximately "the pathology of civilization" bargains perception into how growth and expertise have resulted in vacancy and alienation.

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Others, in modern life, have studied the savages with the specific object of determining their physical state of health, and the mode of living which is associated therewith. The results of such work have been very significant, but regarding medicine and nutrition in actual practice, they have been almost entirely neglected. The common view that primitive man is generally short lived and subject to many diseases is often held by physician as well as layman, and the general lack of sanitation, modern treatment, surgery and drugs in the primitive world is thought to prevent maintenance of health at a high physical level.

Do humans have an unquenchable desire for power that, in the absence of a strong ruler, inevitably leads to a war of all against all? To judge from surviving examples of bands and villages, for the greater part of prehistory our kind got along quite well without so much as a paramount chief, let alone the all-powerful English leviathan King and Mortal God, whom Hobbes believed was needed for maintaining law and order among his fractious countrymen. Modern states with democratic forms of government dispense with hereditary leviathans, but they have not found a way to dispense with inequalities of wealth and power backed up by an enormously complex system of criminal justice.

One is in the disappearance already. All one needs is to lose track, to stop recording, to turn off the tape machine, to disappear, it’s all right.... It’s OK to disappear. Do so now. The grass in front of you is all that ever was or will be. It has no memory, no future. Just silence. So when we know this rich heritage, when we reach into the heart of our being and know that humans very like ourselves lived a good two million years in this way of being, we are awed, and the scum at the top of the pond, the curdled milk of history, our obsession with technicality, pours off and we are left with the pure froth of Being.

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