Against Technology: From the Luddites to Neo-Luddism by Steven E. Jones PDF

By Steven E. Jones

ISBN-10: 0415978688

ISBN-13: 9780415978682

This e-book addresses the query of what it will probably suggest this day to be a Luddite--that is, to take a stand opposed to know-how. Steven Jones right here explains the historical past of the Luddites, British cloth works who, from round 1811, proclaimed themselves fans of ''Ned Ludd'' and smashed equipment they observed as threatening their exchange. Against Technology isn't really a background of the Luddites, yet a historical past of an idea: how the actions of a gaggle of British employees in Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire got here to face for an international anti-technology philosophy, and the way an nameless collective circulation got here to be pointed out with an individualistic own conviction. indignant cloth employees within the early 19th century turned romantic symbols of a hope for an easy life--certainly no longer the unique objective of the activities for which they turned recognized. Against expertise is, in different phrases, a e-book approximately representations, in regards to the snapshot and the parable of the Luddites and the way that fable was once remodeled over the years into glossy neo-Luddism.

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His book tells the improbable, Dickensian story of two brothers born in Mexico and separated at birth. One becomes a radical saboteur and the other becomes a public relations consultant for corporations. Their paths cross, portentously enough, in Seattle, during the first major street protests against the World Trade Organization in 1999. The activist brother, Chano, bombs a pipeline belonging to a chemical company operating in Mexico, following a debate on the strategy of sabotage versus the nonviolent strategy of “speaking truth to power” (14).

When you think about it, the techno-optimism of the 1990s now seems very strange, as if it happened to some other culture, a long time ago. It may take a special effort to remember how almost any new technology was instantly marketed as a prophetic event. For a time, the ironic term “vaporware” carried almost exclusively positive connotations. It was exciting because it was immaterial, just talk or whiteboard sketches. The mere idea of new technology not yet realized — in fact, so much the better if it was not yet realized — attracted venture capital.

Their actions, which became known as “ludding,” spread during 1812, moving from the stocking knitters in Nottingham to skilled cloth-finishers (or croppers, those who cropped the nap of the cloth to make it smooth and ready to sell) in the West Riding of Yorkshire and then to other workers elsewhere in the North of England. An organized network may have been behind this expansion, or unconnected groups may have copied the example and name of the first Luddites. The net result was perceived as a movement or conspiracy, with only the degree of conscious organization in question.

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