Jeff Grubb, Andria Hayday's Al-Qadim: Arabian Adventures (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) PDF

By Jeff Grubb, Andria Hayday

ISBN-10: 1560763582

ISBN-13: 9781560763581

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If individual experience point awards are given in a campaign, mamluks also receive experience points for participating in large-scale battles. A typical soldier receives 100 xp for taking part in a battle, over and above those awarded for other reasons. A midlevel officer (from sergeant to captain), or an officer commanding fewer than 100 men in action, receives a 1,000 xp bonus per battle. Generals and army commanders of the mamluks receive a 10,000 xp bonus per battle. If the character’s force is outnumbered by two to one (or more) during a battle, all of the above mamluk bonuses are doubled.

L Recommended, Warrior: Any. Recommended, Priest and Wizard: Ancient history, reading/writing. l Recommended, Rogue: Ancient history. l Forbidden: None. Equipment: Farisan initially may purchase any type of armor and equipment. They are encouraged to purchase the holy symbol of the deity or deities of their choice, as well as the holy works or writings for that faith if they can read. Special Benefits: A faris gains a +4 benefit to encounter reactions with other members of his or her personal faith, including both laypersons and clergy.

They tend no herds, raise no crops, and produce no craft. They are freebooters, con artists, and swindlers. They survive by tricking, robbing, or simply outsmarting those who have greater riches. Like the outland warrior and alien wizard, this kit is more of a catchall than a specialization. Sal’uks include the two rogue classes from the Player’s Handbook: thieves and bards. In addition, rogues developed from kits in The Complete Thief’s Handbook may become sa’luks (provided the DM allows those kits in the campaign).

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